You Are a Renewable Resource

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There are times in life when it feels as though you are at the bottom of the barrel, used up and worn out. The needle is edging towards empty, and your engine is sputtering. Luckily, you are a renewable resource, and you can fill your energy reserves again.
Wind Energy: When you are stressed and overwhelmed, the breath is often the first to feel the impact. The chest tightens, corseted, and attempts to form a rigid shield against the world. This carapace is an illusion; it does not protect from pain without, but it serves to hold the pain within. Read the rest on MindBodyGreen.

The Life Whisperer


I started watching The Dog Whisperer about a year after my sudden divorce. Much to my surprise, I learned even more about myself from Cesar Millan than I did about my dog. He always says in his show that he “rehabilitates dogs,” but he “trains people.” In my case, he helped to rehabilitate me after a particularly difficult time in my life. Here are the life lessons I learned from the Dog Whisperer:

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Taking Out Your Mental Trash


Meditation (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

We are all too aware of what happens if we neglect to take out the garbage in our homes: the cans overflow, the flies move in, and the offensive odors soon become overpowering. Few of us can ignore these powerful signals for too long, and we clean out the debris, again making the home a pleasant and habitable space.

Immaterial objects in our lives can also outstay their welcome. Do you have any habits, thoughts, or coping mechanisms in your life that are no longer serving you? Examine your inner home and think about how you can best reduce your emotional clutter.

Recycle: Take your old patterns and thoughts and change them into something new and useful. Read the rest on MindBodyGreen:)