In the (Lunch) Bag

One of the most important (and difficult!) aspects of healthy eating is maintaining your diet of choice even when you are busy and away from home. This takes planning. This takes preparation. This takes huge insulated lunch bags:) But it can be done!


Most people who pack a daily healthy meal fall into one of two categories: they prepare dinner the night before and pack leftovers for the following day or they prepare lunch for several days or a week at a time. I fall into the second category. I choose to eat simply in the evenings and do all of my meal preparation for the week on Sundays.

The contents of my lunch bad are influenced by the seasons and the sales. I bookmark recipes that interest me although I also fall back on old favorites. I make sure that my choices are balanced for nutrition and flavor (my fiance often jokes that I must use the rainbow as inspiration as he sees my piles of red, orange, purple and green veggies filling the counters). If I have a more rigorous week ahead, I plan for more filling foods. If I have been indulging recently, I may cut back.

Every weekend, I tame mounds of raw ingredients and I transform them into neatly stacked Tupperware that fills the lower half of the fridge.

Every weekend, I will share the contents of my lunch bag, the recipes or their locations and the reasoning behind my choices.

I hope that you can find some inspiration and motivation to fill your own lunch bag and please feel free to share any of your favorite lunch bag recipes as well!

*All of my recipes will be gluten free and vegetarian to fill my needs. Most can be modified to add meat or gluten. Please share your tips and tweaks!

** I am no food photographer. Again, busy:) This is real life, folks!


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