Tales From a Zumba Virgin

Did you know they make butt tassels?  As in tassels sewn to the back of a pair of pants?  The instructor’s rear had flying strings; I’m not sure if they were supposed to mesmerize or instruct.  Regardless, I bet they are uncomfortable on the ride home.  Just one of the ways I ways enlightened in my first Zumba class…

Zumba demo

Zumba demo (Photo credit: ah zut)

I immediately met a wonderful trio of women who instantly made me feel comfortable.  They all had wonderful attitudes and were ready to laugh.  And laugh we did.  The class was so full, that it was impossible to see the instructor, so it was like a game of telephone, the moves becoming more mutilated by the time they made it to  the back of the room (where I, as a Zumba virgin, was of course hanging out).  Regardless of the missed instructions, I was glad to see that my feet still remembered something from the dance classes I took 25 years ago.

I also learned just how limited my hip movement is; much of my booty shaking looked more like booty shifting.  Luckily, one of my new acquaintances was able to give me some pointers on how to loosen the hips a bit.  We negotiated a tradeoff; she’ll help me with my booty shaking, and I’ll help her get some definition in her back.  A great tradeoff, if you ask me.

Overall, it was a fun experience.  It felt like being in a big sleepover, dancing around in our pajamas.  Except, of course, for the viewers from the adjacent weight room (there IS a lot of booty shaking).  I plan on trying it again, especially when I need a mood booster at the end of the day.  I don’t feel exhausted, and I feel better from the camaraderie and laughter.  I am a Zumba virgin no more…


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