Be a Streaker

This guy went streaking at the Harvard/Yale game.

Not this kind of streaking!

Don’t worry. You can keep your clothes on! 🙂


I spent several years trying to build a meditation practice. I would make it for a few days and then I would neglect for several more. In order to try to make the practice a habit, I signed up for a meditation challenge. Publically. I committed to meditating daily for 28 consecutive days. A streak.


It worked.


I can’t lie; I would love it if my meditation space looked like this! (Photo credit: HaPe_Gera)


The accountability and challenge of the 28 day commitment kept me honest for that first month. After that time, I realized that meditation had simply become part of my normal routine. Now the only nudge I need is from my cat, who likes to snuggle against me while I sit.


Think about trying a streak in your own life. Can you commit to walking 1 mile a day for a month? How about drinking a specified amount of water every day? Could you commit to a daily yoga class? Or, maybe you can write a sentence of gratitude a day for the next four weeks.

So how about it? Ready to get streaking?


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