Just Ten Minutes

I arrived home yesterday utterly exhausted.  All I wanted to do was put my feet up and let my imaginary butlers serve me.  However, I had already planned to exercise yesterday, and I wanted to honor that commitment.


I promised myself that I would do just ten minutes of exercise.  I powered up my iPod, set my GymBoss timer, hefted my kettlebell and went to work.  Thirty minutes later, I was drenched in sweat, muscles shaking, and heart pounding.


Just like how the hardest part of moving something is the beginning, as you work to overcome the initial friction, the hardest part of exercise is getting started.  Try committing to just ten minutes.  It is a small enough time frame that it is difficult to come up with many excuses (at least plausible ones) not to give it a try.  Sometimes, it may just be ten minutes, but that is better than zero.  Other times, your ten minutes may slyly turn into a full workout before you even know it.


So, break out that timer and throw away those excuses and give it a shot.  Come on, it’s only ten minutes!

Kettlebell 55

Kettlebell 55 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2 thoughts on “Just Ten Minutes

  1. Great post! Sometimes, when I am having trouble getting motivated, thinking about how great I feel on multiple levels after a workout, along with thinking about the guilt I experience when I skip a workout for no good reason other than my own lack of initiative, enough to spur me into action.

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